Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Albertsons Plan


4x Yoplait Kids Yogurts, $2 each
-2x .80 cent coupons (Smart Source)
-2x .80 cent doublers
=$4.80, plus I get a free Redbox code


10 Dannon Yogurts, $3.90
1 Starbucks Double Shot, $2
-$1 Dannon (paper)
-#1 Starbucks (paper)
-$2 doublers

#4, 5, 6

(if they come out with 3 more doublers this Sunday, I can combine some of these trips. Just not the Dannon ones because it's limit 12 per transaction).

Mix & Match Deals:

2x Reeser's Baja Salsa, $1.49 each
1x Spray n Wash, $1.49
2 x Challenge Butter, $1.99 each
5 x Kraft BBQ Sauce, .49 each  
-.50 Spray n'Wash coupon (paper)
-5x .50 Kraft BBQ Sauce coupons (paper)
-$2 doublers
(if 3 extra doublers, $1.40!!)

4x Kraft BBQ Sauce
4x Tillamook Shredded Cheese @ $1.19 each
2x Reeser's Salsa
-$2 Reesers
-4x .50 Kraft BBQ
(if 3 extra doublers, $2.30)

2x Reesers
4x Cheese
1x Spray n Wash
3x Capri Suns
-.50 Spray n Wash
-$2 Reesers
-$2 doublers
(The Capri Suns make it add up, but $1.50 is good & we have camping trips coming up! :)

Easy Bakeware is a SCAM

I have seen Easy Bakeware listed on so many freebie/frugal sites lately. In May, I purchased a cheese grater through them for $1 (including shipping). I still keep seeing the ads, and I keep wondering "how do they do this consistently?" Well, here's how:

They sign you up for a club called HomeSavings, and then CHARGE your card $14.95 per month. I have read horror stories of people needing to cancel the credit cards because they wouldn't stop charging!  I have been charged twice and couldn't figure out what the heck this fee was!  

Karry and I both just talked to them on the phone, and supposedly, that membership is being cancelled and I'm getting a refund....I hope.

If you ever see this on your statement: HOMESVINGSMLL 888-743-4421 CT, you know it's a scam!!!  

Ok, I ask, and so does Karry, who would work for a company like this??  Really?!  Unbelievable!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My Albertsons Deals~

You can still copy these deals up 'til tonight. I don't know specific sources of my coupons, so make sure to search Coupon Tom or Hot Coupon World (coupon database) for these coupons!

I spend Tuesdays driving around to different Albertsons to rack up the deals! My husband gets a couple for me, too! We were pleased to run into our "science friends" (who we do science co-op with), Katya & her 3 boys & girl!  We saw them at 2 Albertsons! What fun!! :)

So, the scoop:

Trip #1
3x Wishbone Bountifuls (these are great for making pasta salad!) at 3 for $5
-3 coupons (paper) for $1 off
total = .50

Trip #2
1x French's Mustard @ $1.50
1 Colgate Total Toothpaste @ $1.79
-.75 off French's (paper)
-.75 off Colgate (paper)
total should have been $0, but for some reason, they accidently scanned the .75 off coupon again & gave him back .46!!  Ooops!!

Trip #3
3x Kraft Salad Dressings at $1.99 each
4x Refried Beans at $1 each
1x Capri Sun at $1.88 each
1x Wishbone Spritzer at $1.67
2x Challenge Butter at $2.49 each
-$5 Epic Savings promo (for buying 10 of certain items)
-.50 Challenge Butter (x2) (came in the last box of Challenge butter I got!)
-$1 off of Wishbone Spritzers (paper)
-$1 off of Kraft Salad Dressings (x3) (paper)
-$3 in doublers

Trip #4
6x Nestle Milk Chocolates at $1 each
-3 $1 off of 2 coupons (paper)
-3 $1 doublers

Trip #5
4x Refried Beans @ $1 each (ends up being .50 each at the end)
3x Capri Suns @ $1.88 each
3x Snapple 12 packs of tea at $4.99 each
-$5 Epic Savings Promo
-$3 in Snapple Coupons ( and other sites)
-$3 in doublers

Trip #6
4x Refried Beans @ $1 each
1 Wishbone Bountifuls @ $1.67 
3x Star Kist Tuna @ $1.25
1 Special K Cereal Bar @ $2.99 (oh bummer!!! this wasn't the cheap kind that was in the ad! I just realized this....)
2x Kraft Naturals Cheeses at $2.99 each
-$5 epic promo
-$1 off of 2 Kraft Naturals ( a while back)
-$1 off of Wishbne (paper)
-$1 off of 3 packs of tuna (printed out last time I bought tuna)
-$3 in doublers

Trip #7
6x Cream Cheese (8 oz--Philadelphia) at $1.25 each
-$1 off of 2 coupons (3x) (online)
-$3 in doublers

Trip #8
6x Bologna @ $1 each
2x Hormel Lunchmeat at $4.99, buy 1 get 1 free
-$1 off of 2 bologna (3x--paper)
-.55 off of Hormel (2x--blinkies I found at Fred Meyer right in front of the Hormel meats)
-$3 doublers

total I might have spent today if I didn't do all this driving around & coupon FUN:  $175.93

total amount actually spent: $31.43

total savings =$144.50!!!!! :) :) :)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

BIG oops!

I got 8 free milks at Albertsons yesterday--2 half gallon 2% milks, and 6 of the littler milks (3 chocolate, 3 strawberry--or so I thought). My kids all picked out the flavors they wanted to drink yesterday--3 strawberry, and 1 boy (Isaac) had chocolate, but he didn't drink much of it. Karry went to pull out a chocolate milk today for himself to drink and said (I thought joking), "you know these are called coffee mocha, don't you?" Nooo!  I opened up Isaac's (which he was just about to drink more of) and it totally smelled like coffee!  OOOPS!!!  So I guess Karry has some mocha drinks and the boys are out of chocolate milk!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Marcal Small Steps?

There is a coupon for a free roll of toilet paper and also a $1 off coupon, and they expire today. Has anyone been able to get these products? 

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Upcoming Albertsons Deals

Starting tomorrow, here's what I see:

Peaches, .99/lb

Salmon, $2.99/lb

Dannon Yogrts, 10 cups for $5, -$1 from 6/21 S, and -$1 doubler =$3, or .30 per cup

Spray n Wash Bright White, $3.99 -$1.50 (from paper--date?), -$1 doubler =$1.49

Star Olive Oil, $6.99, -$1 coupon (Smart Source online), -$1 doubler =$4.99

Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, $2.50 each, buy 2, $5, -$1 off of 2 (online), -$1 doubler, =$3 for 2 Ben & Jerry's pints

*The Best Deal*--Lindsay Olives, $1.25 each, -$1 on 2 (Lindsay site), -$1 doubler =2 cans for .50 (*note, this coupon is based on your e-mail address, not your ip address--if you have multiple e-mail addresses, you can print 2 per address and stock up on olives!!!).

Albertsons Doubles!!!

Just got the ad that starts tomorrow, and there are 2 double coupons in it!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Canby Thriftway Deals

First, I was very disappointed to find out that Thriftway does not take internet coupons.  I was going to get 2 containers of Cool Whip for .25 and 2 packages of hot dogs for free. Darn it! Well, here's what I got:

  • Bananas at .50 per lb, $2.84
  • Bar S Franks, .50 each, in ad coupon (not bad--just wish my $1 off of 2 coupon worked)
  • Pirate's Booty, Caramel Flavored (OH SO GOOD!!!), $2.59 each (not cheap) -$1 off 2 coupon, -$1 doubler (she did $1--I thought Thriftway only did up to .50??) So $3.18 for 2
  • Cool Whip, .50, in ad coupon (I had a $1 off 2 coupon that didn't work!!)
  • Milk, .50, in ad coupon (for Karry to bring to work with his free Life Cereal I got last week :)
  • Honey Nut Chex, $2 (I needed to pick up GF Cereal for the kids--I was not so excited about getting this at Thriftway because I thought it would be like $5 and only $3.50 if I just drove to Freddy's...But I didn't want to drive to Freddy's! These ones were gluten free and on sale for $2!! I can't eat them, but the kids will love them!!)
Total = $9.02
Total would have been $18.56

Walgreens Deals

Trip 1~~
Charmin $6.49 (in ad coupon)
1 All, $4.49 each
2 Snuggles, $4.49 each
-2 .50 off Snuggle coupons
1 Nature Made supplement @ $8.99
1 Nature Made supplement free (buy 1 get 1) 
-2 $1 off Nature Made coupons

Total would have been $44.64
I spent $25.95 and got a $5 register reward back on the Snuggle/All deal
I FORGOT to use my register rewards from last time!!! Ooops! I put the stuff in the car and went back in...

Trip #2
2 packs of Charmin (well, they were out of the 12 pack, so they let me get 2 6 packs for 1) at $6.49 each
-2 .25 off coupons
-5.00 register reward from transaction #1

Total would have been $14.28
Total out of pocket =$7.48

Trip #3 (transaction #3--I did 2 in a row)
3 x All, $4.49 each (plus a $5 register reward back)
I used my $12 in register rewards last week

Total would have ben $21.87
Total out of pocket = $1.47

3 pks of Charmin for $13.97 = .38 per roll
4 bottles of All for $5.96 =$1.49 each (wish I had coupons still, this would be even better!!!)
2 bottles of Snuggle for $3.99 each (not amazing, but worth the rr's)
2 bottles of Nature Made Supplements for $6.99 total

Total = $34.90
$5 in register rewards to spend next time! :)

Rite Aid Deals

  • 1 Complete Contact Lens Solution, $7.99, -$2 mfg coupon, ($7.99 rebate coming! $2 profit!)
  • 1 Opti Free Contact Lens Solution $9.99 -$3 in ad coupon, -$1 mfg coupon ($5.99 total--a decent price)
  • 1 Colgate Kids' Toothpaste, $1.99 -$1 in ad coupon, -.75 mfg coupon = 24 cents!!
  • 1 Bic Soleil Razors, $4.99 -$2 coupon=$2.99 ($1 rebate coming! =$1.99)
  • 6 Dove Candy Bars, all free (Buy 1 get 1, at .88 each--so $2.64 for 6--then 2 buy 1 get 1 free coupons, so they subtracted .88 twice, plus 2 "free" coupons from the Hersheys giveaway (online every Friday), so -.88 twice again. I realized I could've picked up 1 extra candy bar, and should have--because my total, after all of these subtractions, =negative 88 cents for 6 candy bars. OOPS!). :)
Total Before Coupons = $28.89
-$5 off of $25 purchase
Total Out of Pocket = $9.37
Rebates coming = $8.99

Total I would have spent, then = 38 cents

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Site Highlight

Hey everyone! I just wanted to mention a site that I check out every weekend before I buy the paper. This helps me determine how many papers I will purchase. I add up how many dollars worth of coupons (that we will actually use!) are in each paper by scanning through this site. It's called Talor Town Preview.  Check it out!